Current Deployments

Orbiter is a Newtonian spaceflight simulator with a strong following of exo-atmospheric enthusiasts (called "Orbinauts") since 2001. Its 3D engine is capable of simulating realistic orbital mechanics. Thanks to its open infrastructure, the Orbiter universe today is populated by a vast variety of historical, present-day and future spacecraft. 

Orbiter Homepage - A Free Spaceflight Simulator
Orbit Hangar - A repository of community developments
Orbiter - "Mission Control" for the Orbiter community

The current Orbiter version is 2010P1, with several betas in test phases.

Active Projects

Multiplayer has been in development since 2004 but until recently, was limited to short range atmospheric flights (Orbiter Racing League at Ascension Island). Visit the new Orbiter Multiplayer forum here.

Under the v149th's management, OMP has evolved into a dynamic simulation of future space operations. Since January 2011, we have successfully conducted a wide range of air and space operations.

Common themes for v149th operations involve space exploration, orbital search and rescue, as well as USAF global operations (strategic airlift and combat support sorties). These are showcased here.


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