Orbiter Addons

Addons are the heart and soul of the Orbiter universe. From historically accurate replicas of pioneering spacecraft, to warp-speed interstellar travel, anything is possible; the sky is no longer the limit.

The v149th focuses on near-future spaceflight by preference; Hypersonic airliners operate from the confines of present-day airport facilities, while exo-atmospheric rocket interceptors safeguard the aerospace lanes.

On occasion, concessions to popular sci-fi are made with the objective of tackling new challenges as a team. You wouldn't log onto the multiplayer server just to fly combat air patrols for hours on end, would you? 

Note: This page features addons which were developed for the virtual Texas Air National Guard's multiplayer operations.

For a wider range of Orbiter addons, visit Orbit Hangar

 February 2011

Houston, Texas Terrain

"Lone Star 2060"

This is a set of highly optimised terrain textures for the Houston, Texas area. Lone Star 2060 also features real-life runways and is under continued development in the Orbiter Forums.



"Arrow X Interplanetary Freighter" 

Orbiter Multiplayer does not natively support time acceleration, therefore we upgraded the Arrow with sci-fi propulsion. Now capable of reaching Jupiter in four hours, this ship is used for capital ship operations training. Requires UCGO addon.


January 2011 

"XF-72 Texas Air National Guard Repaint"

This is a repaint of the XR-2 Ravenstar spaceplane depicting a fictional mid 21st Century exo-atmospheric interceptor. The TANG XF-72's markings are loosely based on actual 149th FW livery.



"XR Spaceplane External Stores"

This support pack for the XR2 Ravenstar and XR5 Vanguard features RATO (Rocket Assisted Take Off) pods and external fuel tanks to assist orbital launches with heavy payloads. Requires Velcro Rockets addon.


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