Welcome to our new website.

V149th is an Orbiter Multiplayer "OMP" Squadron that have been flying together since January 2011.

Our early forays into online piloting involved simple atmospheric milk runs. Over time, operational requirements dictate that we mimic a modus operandi based on real world organisations, as those sessions "messing around" gradually evolved to simulating future space operations and producing our own Orbiter addons to match.

In this respect, the mission of v149th is not to be the coolest VSA (Virtual Space Agency) on the block. Rather, it is a demonstration of efficient organisation and high productivity - features which provide a rich and immersive learning environment for new pilots and spaceflight enthusiasts.

We aim to be an open organisation which primarily caters to the NEWBIES ONLY. Organisation and professionalism allows for a safe learning and exploration environment. 

For this first half of the year, Johan and myself plan to train extensively together in order to develop a functional space traffic control procedure for multiplayer flights. We have had both taught new Orbinauts to achieve orbital flight within 5 minutes of logging onto the OMP server, and we will do more of these flight training sessions if there is demand for it.

Terrain will also be developed and expanded to encompass operational areas of interest (for now, just Houston aerospace as a concept demonstration), which will in near future involve the Moon, Mars and Europa.