Space Cowboys

That's who we and everybody around us were.

At least, that was the case in the 'ol NASA days. Space exploration used to captivate the young and the old, but today that pioneering spirit has been replaced with countless discussions about tasteless fashion, questionable, self-destructive dating advice and mindless 24/7 facebook browsing.

Well, that nonsense stops here. Because if the purpose of an online community is to make things happen, our job as members of the Orbiter community is to make things happen. And we've been doing that, naysayers and hate mail be damned. Who are they to suppress the creativity of others, the President of the United States?

About the v149th

The Virtual 149th Fighter Wing "Lone Star Gunfighters" is an online community based in Angleton, Texas.

Founded in January 2011 by Johan "Deltawing" Snoddy and Carmen "CSA", it is a purely for-entertainment-only online organisation comprised of rednecks and (wannabe) space cowboys. Mainly because we liked the movie and we like learning orbital mechanics. No matter how old a fart you are, there's always new frontiers to explore. That's great, as we are not the type to sit on our collective behinds dreaming about Orbiter addons that won't ever come to fruition.

We actually set out to learn how to make the world better.


Suffice to say, if you're looking for the REAL 149th Fighter Wing, click here.


Orbiter 2010, a free Newtonian spaceflight simulator by Dr Martin Schweiger

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